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If you are looking for a great way to give a gift for men, women or children, our staff has come up with some fun ideas that can add a little more uniqueness to your gift.  It’s always fun to give a gift, after all its better to gift than receive, but to make the gifting experience more memorable, why not have some fun with it?  For example, how about a gift within a gift, or gift theming, or a treasure/gift hunt with clues, or perhaps its small gifts that leads up to the grand finale, or how about gifting in the open.  Let’s not forget that hand-written note that just makes any gift even sweeter.  Throughout the article, we will show some of our staff picks for these gift ideas. Let’s jump into each one and hopefully it gets your creative gift juices flowing with more unique gift ideas.


A Gift Within A Gift

Myra Weekender Bags

Say you are thinking about booking a weekend getaway with a loved one, why not spring the trip by placing the reservations in the pocket of a weekender bag, passport holder or shaving kit bag.  They are all cute in their own rights, but then when you say “look inside” it adds that additional surprise element that was not expected.  Perhaps inside of a beautiful environmentally friendly upcycled backpack, you also include their favorite book.  Another great idea is placing that new smartphone in a beautiful phone wristlet, it hides the phone because it will not be in a box…which they may be expecting.  We all know that Hallmark makes wonderful cards, how about sliding that birthday or congratulations on your promotion or graduation into a designer handbag.


Gift Theming

What’s gift theming you ask? Well gift theming is buying a gift or several gifts that all correlate to a specific theme or occasion.  For example, say someone is a big gardener, you perhaps can get gifts related to gardening, along with a fields of garden scarf.  Or they love camping and the outdoors, so a great gift for him may be a military watch or sports watch. Top psychologists recommend that dads date their daughters, so perhaps you bring a small bouquet of flowers for your 5- to 7-year-old daughter and include a flower watch to mark the moment.  Going on a relaxing beach vacation? A comfortable turquoise blue or lake blue robe is a perfect gift for her.  Celebrating a special anniversary?  Then matching pajamas are not only for the holidays. Or perhaps a modern style Cowboy statement belt for your Cowboy.

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 Gift Treasure Hunt

You can do this as simple or elaborate as you like.  The idea here is to leave various clues or gifts that leads the gift recipient to the final gift.  This can be smaller gifts that builds up to the big gift, or written clues that create a treasure hunt/map. You can do this all in one day, or as little clues throughout the week or month, depending on what you are trying to achieve. 


Gifting in the Open

This idea is a great option!  Men for sure seems to love it because it removes the need for gift wrapping.  You just simply placed the gift out in the open, somewhere that is not so easily seen, but that they would definitely run into it.  It is fun to see them when they see something new, or when you hear the screams of joy.  For example, a new brand handbag placed amongst their other purses/handbags.  Or when your husband for the umpteen time asks “Honey, have you seen my wallet?”.  Yes, the one they had for about ten years now, that is just begging to be retired.  Yes, that one.  Instead, you just hand him the new wallet, and wait for him to realize… Or perhaps lay out that sexy robe on the bed for her…or a new scarf just positioned close to her scarf collection.  Maybe she loves jewelry, boho rings, earrings, bracelets, so you get her a new piece for her collection and add it to her jewelry box.  How about some new neckties for your corporate professional?  Or you put up a motivational poster or plaque in your spouse’s home office.  Be sure to include a note if you believe they may not find it when you are present.  Just a simple note like “just thinking of you”, “every day is special because you are in it”, “love you always” or “hope this made you smile”, will do the trick.

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Gift Shenanigans

This one is for our natural tricksters. Give your little one a gift in a supposed empty box (cut a gift box bottom and placed it inside of a deeper box).  Put the toy or gift underneath it, so first they think the box is empty.  Or what about gifting the person who says they want nothing, with a jar of nothing, or a card box with nothing…except because you are so thoughtful you tape a gift card under it...because they REALLY did not want nothing.  Another great idea is to get an empty mason jar and fill it with the candy they dislike the most.  For example, if they do not like red M&M’s, fill it with just red M&M’s and say…I only put in your favorite…allowing the person to think that you forgot their favorite…but you secretly do have the “correct” gift ready to go. These are sure to bring some laughs, so have your camera ready.


Hand-Written Note in a Gift

But of course, sometimes the simplest of things mean the most.  A beautiful hand-written note tuck inside of a pajama or robe pocket.  Or a note slipped into the pocket of a backpack or gym bag, just makes the gift even sweeter. Slip an “I Love You” in the jewelry gift box with a bracelet, pair of earrings or watch.  Quote two lines from a poem, or your favorite song or movie (“You had me at hello”).  Go ahead, get a lit corny, be a little vulnerable, show your heart, wear your emotions on your sleeves, if just for a moment.  Even though we are a gift shop, we know the best Gift is You!  Leave a little bit of you in every gift, and you can never go wrong.


We hope you give some of these gift ideas a try.  Whether it is a gift for wife, husband, daughter, son, mom, friend, or colleague. Make gifting an experience.

Happy Gifting!

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