Understanding the Color Blue


Did you know that blue is the favorite color of all people. It sits at the very top of the chain, the number 1 universal color. This is actually quite unique because researchers upon researchers have noted that blue was the last color to appear in every language. In fact historically the known colors were first black and white, then red, followed by yellow and later green. Blue was the last color to be denoted.

Even so, the color blue can actually be found in 53% of the all the flags in the world. It is actually quite hard not to see blue, whether from nature, or in what people wear – denim jeans are quite popular, and so are the professional blue suit or tie. Blue is in fact the easiest color to distinguish in the dark. This article is for those who want to learn a little more about the color of blue. We will answer such questions as:

What is the meaning of blue?

What do some of the shades represent?

What emotions does blue bring about?

The Meaning of Blue

Did you know that color conveys meaning in two primary ways, natural associations and psychological symbolism? As we all know blue is the color of the sea and the sky and as such it is associated with depth and stability. It is embraced as the color of authority. As such a soft shade of blue generally triggers associations with the sky and a psychological sense of calm. From a psychological perspective blue is reliable and responsible, while being conservative and predictable. Blue is nostalgic.

What do some of the shades of blue represent?

Blue unlike many colors has very contradictory meanings that are applied against various shades and hues. Some blues can mean strong and steadfast, while others light and friendly. Below are the meanings and associations for some of the most common shades.

Light Blue: Peace, Serenity, Infinity, Spiritual, Ethereal (Extremely delicate and light), Healing, Understanding, Softness, Honesty, Trustworthiness

Dark Blue: Authority, Intelligence, Trust, Dignity, Knowledge, Power, Seriousness, Sophisticated, Old Fashioned, Elegant, Rich

Bright Blue: Cleanliness, Strength, Dependability, Coolness

Electric Blue: Dynamic, Dramatic, Exhilaration

Royal Blue: Superiority Pale Blue: Creativity, Freedom

Sky Blue: One of the calmest colors. Selfless love, Fidelity, Helpful Nature, Overcomer, Healing

Azure Blue: True Contentment, Determination, Ambition, Driven

Navy Blue: Trust, Truthfulness, Importance, Confidence, Power, Authority, Unity, Stability

Turquoise: Water, Calm, Sophistication, Retro, Protection, Compassion

What emotions does blue bring about?

The color blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It has a calming effect and it is used to bring about tranquility and calmness. Blue is also linked to consciousness and intellect. It is known as a “fun” color. For this reason, it remains a highly popular color at weddings. Yet another known tidbit… blue has been documented by some to slow human metabolism and suppress appetite. Too much blue is also known to bring about sadness, hence the expression “feeling the blus”. In this regard, several of the gifts on Gifts Are Blue will also use blue as a prominent color with various other colors mixed in.

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