Most of us have heard about the old wedding adage Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue. Today we will look at some great ideas for a bride’s something blue.

1. Blue Bridal Garter

This is perhaps one of the most common selections for a bride’s something blue. The bridal garter is worn just above the knee, and under the wedding dress, so it is discreetly hidden. Bride’s now have a wide selection of blue bridal garters to choose from. There are garter sets available which provides one keepsake and one throw away and there are individual garters made of a wide degree of material including, lace, satin, nylon, spandex and more. The garter can be all blue, or white with a hint of blue, such as in the lining or ribbon. Choose from classic styles, to vintage fashion in our store.


2. Pearl Earrings with a Hint of Blue

Your blue item on your wedding day does not have to be overpowering, and can still be effective while subtle. How about a pair of pearl earrings with some blue added in? Or maybe some studs with sapphire or topaz gemstones in the center? Earrings can make a great something blue accessory. In addition, these are not only for the bride, but can be worn by the bridesmaids or mother of the bride.  It's also a great item that you can wear time and time again, after your wedding day.


3. Blue Rhinestones “I Do” Shoe Stickers

The I Do Shoe Stickers are a great creative way of wearing something blue, while also making a statement. They are easy to apply and easy to come off, AND they are only shown off when you want them to be. They make great pictures for the wedding album. Gifts Are Blue carries both the I Do shoe stickers and the matching “Me Too” shoe labels that can be worn by the groom as well.


 4. Beautiful Blue Anklets

Something Blue Anklets
This is another great idea if you are looking for a subtle approach to your something blue. If you are wearing a long wedding dress, these anklets are nicely hidden under your dress, but still there to showoff whenever you like. There is such a wide variety to choose from. This is also an item you can wear again and again to remind you of your special day.

5. Hair Accessories








 Wedding Hair JewelryHair Jewelry is a great option for your something blue. You can choose from tiaras with just a little hint of blue, to hair sticks or hair combs that will just top of your look. These beautiful hair pieces are also something that you can give to your flower girl, bridesmaids or maid of honor.


    6. Barefoot Sandals for Beach Wedding

      Barefoot Sandals Beach WeddingIf you are having a beach wedding, why not showcase your blue on your feet with your barefoot sandals? Here at Gifts Are Blue we carry several barefoot sandals with blue stones or blue beads that will complement any look.



        7. Ring Pillow

          Wedding Ring PillowThe bride does not have to actually be wearing something blue. Consider a ring pillow with some delicate touches of something blue. Even the smallest hint of blue is all you need. Great keepsake item as well.


            8. Sapphire Jewelry

              Another great option would be to adorn a beautiful necklace or bracelet. While sapphire surely pops, there are quite a variety of blue hues that you can look for in your gemstones, such as topaz, aquamarine, tanzanite and more. Check out our blue jewelry collection.


                9. Blue Accessories

                  Blue Wedding Guest BookYou can select blue or hints of blue in various items in your wedding. For example your guest book, unity candles or other items that you will be using in your wedding. You can certainly get creative in this area.


                    10. Blue Scarves / Shawl

                      Depending on what season is your wedding day, you can choose to wear a shawl over your dress at the reception. This works great especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. Have it around your chair when not in use. It’s a good fashion statement.


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