To provide our customers with greater flexibility when shopping, we now have several Buy Now, Pay Later programs available.  These options allow our customers the option to receive their items upfront while paying for the purchase in up to 4 installments over 6 weeks. 

Shop Now Pay Later Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How does these programs work?
  2. Which programs do we offer?
  3. Are there longer terms available (More than 6 weeks)?
  4. What are the benefits of these programs?
  5. How do I sign up?
  6. Who can sign up?
  7. Can you payoff your installment plan early?
  8. How do I view my orders?
  9. What if I don't get approve?

How does these programs work?
Shop Now, Pay Later programs are quite simple to use. Simply select which program you will like to join/use at checkout, by clicking on the appropriate button.These options will be shown to you during the payment section while completing checkout.  After clicking on the button, you will be taken to the provider's website to complete the very simple form.  If approved, you will pay the first installment, 25% of purchase using your debit or credit card. The remaining payments, will be automatically deducted over 6 weeks, in 2 week intervals.

Which programs do we offer?
We have partner with several of the top Buy Now, Pay Later programs.  Our reputable partners include Klarna, AfterPay, Shop Pay, Zip Pay (formerly QuadPay) and PayPal.  Feel free to use a program that you already have an established relationship with, or apply for a new one.

Are there longer terms available?
Yes. Some of our partners do offer longer terms, such as 6 months or One (1) year. You will have to qualify to gain access to these options, and a credit inquiry may be required. This option will not be interest free, but the specifics of the program will be clearly indicated if approved. ShopPay backed by Affirm, along with PayPal and Klarna does provide longer terms. There will also be a minimum purchase amount needed for the longer term options.

What are the benefits of these programs?
One of the biggest benefits of these programs is the ability to get your items now, while having the option to pay over time.  You can lock in great discounts/rates or secure your purchase on limited items when quantities are small or the item is selling rapidly.  Now, especially when stock for many items are less, these programs can be quite beneficial.

How do I sign up?
It's easy. Sign up during the checkout process at Gifts Are Blue. Once you select  the provider as your payment option, you will be directed to their website for signup or their account login screen. For the initial sign up, the provider will require your name, date of birth, a US mobile phone number and a US debit or credit card number. Once you have provided this information, you will know if you are approved instantly.

Who can sign up?
In most cases, in order to sign up you must reside in the US, be at least 18 years old, have a valid and verifiable mobile number and purchase your item with a valid credit or debit card. In the case of PayPal this offer will be presented when completing your transaction if you are eligible.

Can you payoff your installment plan early?
Yes. Simply login directly to your provider's customer portal to view your account and orders. Select the order you wish to payoff and follow the onscreen prompts.

Can I view my orders?
Yes. You will be able to login to the provider's customer portal to view all current and past orders.

What if I don't get approve?
If you are not approve for the program, Gifts Are Blue also offers a traditional layaway program by Lay-Buy. This option is also available at checkout. Please note that with Lay-Buy, you will first have to complete the installment plan before receiving your purchase.

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