Mother's Day Gift Ideas that Don’t Cost a Fortune


How to Shop for UNIQUE, USEFUL, & UNDER Your Budget with Our Top Gifts for Mom Under $100

Mothers are special, and when it comes to Mother’s Day, you want to show her lots of love on this special day. With the recent pandemic, finances might be an issue. So, Gifts are Blue listed some of their hottest items under $100.  How do you buy for someone who seems to have it all? First, you should look for items that are UNIQUE and USEFUL, and if possible, stay UNDER your budget that you set.

More than likely, you know a little bit about the mother to help you determine the best gift! Here are a few tips to help you discover what she will absolutely love:


Active Moms – For the active moms, look for crossover bags that are large enough to carry all the essentials, inside compartments for credit cards and phone, makeup, etc.Crossover Bags

 Backpacks come in a variety of styles and are great options for traveling. Totes and weekender bags are great options for travelling, work, grocery shopping, or for use as a diaper bag. Gifts are Blue also has wristlets which are great for date night, or a night out with the girls. This option is nice for the moms who don’t always enjoy lugging heavy bags, but just want a stylish accessory that fits her favorite lipstick and a few other essentials! Handbags can always be USEFUL, right? Now, let’s make her Mother’s Day gift UNIQUE by adding a few of her favorite things inside. Shop Gifts are Blue’s accessories such as jewelry, hair jewelry, scarves. The hardest part might be meeting or staying UNDER your budget. Don’t worry, Gifts are Blue has many gifts to meet your financial needs.    


Jewelry can be very sentimental. Each piece can represent an important part of a mother’s life. Quality, costume jewelry is an excellent choice for a perfect Mother’s Day gift. Whether it’s a classic necklace set or ring dazzled with her favorite stone, you’re sure to surprise with joy!  If you’re choosing earrings, be certain that you know her style and whether her ears are pierced.

Gift Ideas

Stud earrings are simple, yet elegant. They also pair well with almost any outfit, and comfortable to wear.  Drop earrings also have a bit of simplicity with a touch daring personality. If she likes a little fun, but mostly likes to play it safe, then these drop earrings might be the perfect choice for her Mother’s Day gift. Cluster earrings offer more of a formal look and are usually made of several stones are gems grouped together – hence the name “cluster.” 

Other popular earrings are dangle and hoop, these can be for fun moms who are into fashion or just showing off their unique styles.  You don’t have to limit your Mother’s Day gift ideas, but keep in mind that it is all about the sentimental value. 

Necklaces compliment an outfit and offer that final touch to complete an entire look.  Does she like a bold statement piece, or does she like dainty pieces? Be sure to check out Gifts are Blue’s Mother’s Day gift ideas for the perfect piece of jewelry.  If you want to go the less traditional route, boho jewelry is a nice choice for moms who love bohemian styles.

Boho Jewelry

Gifts are Blue has a collection of boho jewelry that includes handcrafted bracelets, beaded necklaces, barefoot sandal anklets, rings, and more!  Boho mom’s will also love Gift are Blue’s body jewelry collection. Summer is almost here, and stretchable footwear jewelry and anklets create the perfect accent with swimwear. Hair jewelry is another great idea for a Mother’s Day gift. 

Gifts are Blue has a collection of hair combs, headbands, hair pins, and hair clips.  Enhance your jewelry gift by placing it in a cute cosmetic bag or pouch that the recipient can use for storage.  Go a step further and make it personal by adding her name or favorite quote on bag or gift bag. Gifts are designed to have lasting memories, not to be thrown away. So, make it extra special with your extra touch!

Spa Party

Mother's Day Spa Party

Spa Days are extremely popular as Mother’s Day gifts.  It’s the perfect “go-to” gift for the mother who has everything. Plan a spa party with all of your mom-friends and present them with matching kimono robes. At Gifts are Blue, these robes are available in a variety of colorful floral prints in sizes up to 38W. The robes are also available in kids’ sizes for a wonderful mommy and me day

 Remember to keep your gifts fun and functional. Make it memorable! Mothers deserve the very best. Visit today! Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 9th

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