Turquoise Hand Tooled Leather Belt by Myra Bag, Womans Accessories, Brown/Blue
The Turquoise Hand Tooled Leather Belt (S-2927) by Myra Bag is a very fashionable belt and adds a pop of color to any outfit you match it up with This belt uses antique silver for the buckle and has a...
$ 59.99 $ 26.65
Fashionable Womens Large Plaid Wool Scarves for Fall and Winter - Blue/Green 07
Beautiful, soft womens scarves for the fall and winter Its a great cold weather accessory for the colder months Scarf is made with a blend of wool (60%) & acrylic (40%), giving it a cozy soft feeling while keeping it...
$ 24.95 $ 14.50
Porcelain Style Blue Women’s Scarf - Dark Blue / White
Beautiful lightweight fashionable scarf that is quite versatile Perfect to be worn in any season, especially during fall and spring months Great gift for scarf and shawl lovers Three styles available in navy blue, ivory and white Measurements: 63 inches...
$ 19.95 from $ 17.10
-44% Sold Out
Long Voile Stole Womens Scarf or Wrap - Dark Blue/Green
Elegant women scarves for all occasions in a variety of blue shades and pattern Perfect for business attire, weddings or other special occasions Great length that can facilitate many designs and uses Measurements: 31.5 inches (W) by 67 inches (L)...
$ 21.50 from $ 11.99
Versatile Blue Scarf and Shawl - Sky Blue
Single colored blue scarves that are easy to match to any outfit. Made with cotton and nylon this scarf is perfect for the winter, fall and spring months. Crumpled, ready to wear look that is perfect for travel.  Available in...
$ 19.95 $ 9.95
Lightweight Womens Scarf Shawl with Beautiful Design - Light Blue
Lightweight women’s scarf that is ideal for spring and fall Beautiful design featuring a floral pattern Material: Polyester and Rayon Measurements: 55 inches (Length) by 15 inches (Width)
$ 19.99 $ 9.99
Myra Bag Tribal Pattern Small & Crossbody Bag, Grey
Tribal Pattern Small & Crossbody Bag (S-2880) is the perfect bag for the boho lover. It has a tribal design of different patterns and light colors It is a very durable bag with an adjustable strap made out of premium...
$ 55.00 $ 32.75
Confident Hairon Belt by Myra Bag, Womens Accessories, Black
The Confident Hairon Belt (S-2930) by Myra Bag is the perfect modern western belt to show off your elegant, sophisticated style. It is a classic black premium leather belt that can pair easily with any outfit This womens belt is...
$ 59.99 $ 25.70
Womens Fashion Pashmina Scarf Wrap in a Beautiful Print with Tassels
Gorgeous womens scarf and wrap with beautiful white and blue floral print This is a large porcelain scarf that can be worn as a wrap, scarf or shawl The polyester material is elegant and soft This Pashmina Scarf measures 69...
$ 27.95 $ 13.99
Womens Cashmere Blend Triangle Fashion Scarf - Blue/Khaki
Stylish womens bandana style scarf for Spring, Fall and Winter This is a large scarf for versatile use, measuring 84in x 53in x 53in Scarf is triangular shape making it easy to style in many different ways This is a...
$ 19.95 $ 14.50
Elegant Flower Shaped Blue Womens Scarf Wrap - Light Blue
Lightweight and stylish scarf for women or girls that will add a chic look to any style Can be worn in several different ways so offers multiple use. Try as a scarf, shoulder wrap, beach wrap, skirt etc Material: Blended...
$ 29.99 $ 14.95
Womens Cold Weather Large Triangle Plaid Scarf - Blue Americana
Womens stylish and functional cold weather scarves Scarf can be worn comfortably during the Fall, Winter and Spring months This is a large triangle scarf measuring 85 x 56 x 56 inches Made with a cotton blend Featuring several plaid...
$ 19.95 $ 13.99
Light and Bright Grid Design Scarf and Shawl - Blue/Green
Beautiful light and bright grid design women's scarf and shawl Scarf is lightweight and is ideal for the Spring, Summer and Fall Measurements: 61 by 20 inches Materials: 100% polyester chiffon Care: Recommend light hand washing
$ 19.95 $ 9.95
Sentimental Miscarriage Gift for Mom - I Carried You Every Second of Your Life - Keychain
Gutsy Goodness Miscarriage Key Chain is a thoughtful and sentimental gift that any woman would appreciate Each keychain has “I carried you every second of your life, I will love you every second of mine”, quote These miscarriage gifts are...
$ 25.99 $ 25.00
My Story, Survivor and Warrior, Inspirational and Motivational Keychains
We embrace the woman who is a warrior, sometimes quietly, as she battles whatever circumstances life has placed her in with determination and grace. Recovery is a difficult period that tests one's strength and grit. This gift of encouragement will...
$ 25.99 $ 25.00
-38% Sold Out
Flaming Small & Crossbody Bag, Myra Bag, Small, Multicolor
Myra Bag’s Flaming Small & Crossbody Bag (S-3068) has a very beautiful and vibrant design of red, blue, and yellow on the front on the bag It has a high-quality premium leather crossbody strap This womens bag is perfect for...
$ 55.00 $ 33.95
Myra Bags Vintage Hairon Belt, Women Accessories, Beige/Black
The Vintage Hairon Belt (S-2931) has a beautiful black and white design that pairs great with any outfit making it a no brainer accessory to have This belt is hand crafted and built to last. It is also comfortable to...
$ 59.99 $ 25.70
-50% Sold Out
Bali Cotton Long Lightweight Vintage Blue Print Womens Scarf and Shawl
Trendy women's scarf made with soft, smooth, lustrous Balinese Cotton This is a large scarf measuring 60 by 22 in Use as scarf, shawl or muffler. It can be style in different ways Great gift for women of all ages...
$ 19.95 $ 9.95
A Piece of My Heart Sentimental Gift for Parents - Miscarriage Gift Keychain
Gutsy Goodness Miscarriage Key Chain is a thoughtful and sentimental gift that anyone who has experience a loss of a baby can appreciate It can be gifted for any baby loss that parents or grandparents may unfortunately experience with a...
$ 25.99 $ 25.00
I Will Hold You In My Heart Keychain, Miscarriage Gift by Gutsy Goodness
Gutsy Goodness I Will Hold You in My Heart Keychain is a thoughtful and sentimental gift that anyone would appreciate This comforting gift can be given for any type of baby loss including a miscarriage Each keychain has beautiful and...
$ 25.99 $ 25.00
Speak Truth Even When Voice Shakes, Inspirational Keychain
This key chain is for anyone who needs encouragement to believe in themselves through tough battles It is a daily reminder to believe in yourself and live in your true This keychain has a quote that states: “Speak The Truth...
$ 25.99 $ 25.00
You Are The Only Fish In The Sea For Me Keychain Couples Set
This a beautiful key chain set and is perfect for a couple This keychain set has a quote stating: “You are the only fish in the sea for me” This is such a cute gift to give to your significant...
$ 40.00 $ 25.00
You Are Capable Of Amazing Things, Motivational and Inspirational Keychains
This keychain is a great gift for anyone moving into a different chapter in their life The Words: You Are Capable Of Amazing Things, is a get way to instill positive affirmations for yourself or for someone The key chain...
$ 25.99 $ 25.00
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